• Mohammad Sharif Forqani Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Paktia University, Afghanistan
  • Mohammad Naser Sabawoon Mohammad Naser Sabawoon, Department of Para Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, Paktia University, Afghanistan
  • Muhammad Shafi Sharif Department of Para Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, Paktia University, Afghanistan.


Introduction: Corona virus caused COVID-19 is an unusual, highly contagious infectious disease caused by recently identified severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) has become a clinical threat and presented a major health crisis worldwide in the absence of a specific vaccine or antiviral drugs. Its severity increases due to its rapidly mutating genotype.

Aim: This study is retrospective analysis awareness in Afghanistani population about COVID-19 and its different variants.

Material and Methods: For obtaining data a questionnaire on general knowledge about COVID-19 and its variants was prepared and distributed among the various classes of population in Afghanistan. The questions like the name, age, sex, education, province, COVID-19 vaccination status and some basic questions about COVID-19 and its variants etc were included to obtain their responses. Questionnaire was prepared in both English and Afghani language to penetrate the population knowledge. The data thus obtained was analyzed using basic statistical techniques for proper understanding of different aspects of awareness.

Results and Discussion: Study reported that educated population of Afghanistan especially medical, nursing, pharmacy and other healthcare sectors were found to be well aware with COVID-19, its causes and prevention. Large educated pool of population about 41.5% did not received even a single shot of Covid vaccine the unusual reasons were God will save them, lack of time, money and more than 10% won’t believe in Covid. Prominent anti Covid vaccines administered to Afghanistani population were Covaxin, Covishield, and Johnson & Johnson.  Good thing is that with the technological advancements and internet facilities most of the population possesses basic knowledge about COVID-19.

Conclusion: Since a significant large population did not receive even single shot of COVID-19 vaccination, this is an alarming situation because Corona is a rapidly mutating virus and its virulence will pose serious threats to mankind in future. Extensive study is required to find out the root cause of public negligence.

Keywords: COVID-19 Awareness, Afghanistan, Omicron, Alpha, Beta, Delta


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Forqani, M., M. Sabawoon, and M. Sharif. “AWARENESS ABOUT COVID-19 AND ITS VARIANTS AMONG AFGHANISTANI POPULATION- A RETROSPECTIVE STUDY”. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Vol. 6, no. 4, Feb. 2024, pp. 36-38, doi:10.31069/japsr.v6i4.06.
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