• Katual MK Rayat-Bahra Institute of Pharmacy, Education City, Hoshiarpur,Punjab,India.
  • Gill NS Rayat Institute of Pharmacy, Railmajra, SBS Nagar, Punjab, India.
  • Singh G University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rayat-Bahra University, Mohali, Punjab, India.


Buccal route found to be more suitable for the delivery of pharmaceutical agents using mucoadhesive polymers due to presence of relatively
static and smooth surface on which various mucoadhesive dosage forms can be placed. Different dosage forms like films, tablets, gels, ointments
and patches can be used for delivery of drug across the buccal mucosa. The drugs may be suitable candidates to be delivered via the oral cavity
which are having short biological half-life, poor solubility and permeability, susceptible to enzymatic degradation and for achieving sustain
release effect. The mucoadhesive drug delivery provides greater absorption and enhanced bioavailability of dosage forms due to the large surface
area and higher blood flow in the mucosal cavities. The delivery across the mucus membrane provides various advantages over other drug
delivery routes i.e., overcome the hepatic first pass metabolism as well as the degradation of drugs by various gastrointestinal enzymes as well as
intestinal flora.

Keywords: Buccal patches, Mucoadhesion, Bioavailability, Polymers, NDDS


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MK, K., G. NS, and S. G. “NOVEL FRONTIERS IN BUCCAL PATCHES: A RECENT UPDATE”. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Vol. 1, no. 3, Jan. 2018, pp. 8-19, doi:10.31069/japsr.v1i3.13586.
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